Honest Abe's Vinaigrettes

garlic clove

I use high quality ingredients and some unique flavor combinations. My vinaigrette is not in production at this time. Please stay tuned and attuned.

Here are some quotes about my Texas Pecan Vinaigrette....

“I won't eat a salad with anything else.” — Charles Smith, Houston, TX

“We love the nutty flavor and it is so different from anything else we use.” — Patti Wayne, Cincinnati, OH

“I definitely tasted the nuttyness and the heat. It had a lot of complex or layered flavors without being overpowering one way or another. Really I think it is great and it would go great with a southwestern salad or appetizer.” — Chef Judd (Austin, TX)

“It makes me look forward to eating my salad. The best part is that I can eat in total confidence that the ingredients are actually good for me!” — Shannon Wayne, Cincinnati, OH